Skup Floty


We provide truck and truck transport services throughout the European Union. Transport is shipped in accordance with the current acting regulations of the transit countries and on the basis of current transport licenses, including Poland, the European Union and countries outside the EU (including Switzerland and Russia).

For security, any load is insured the carrier’s civil liability and covered by the policy. The optimal route is agreed with the customer. Transporters are monitored by GPS, so you can always check where your car is located. In this way, you keep the highest level of control and you can plan how and where you load will be collected.

The transportation costs of your car depend primarily on distance.

Estimated rates in EUR (net value) for the carriage of 1 car, domestic routes:

  • 0.45 eur/km – short routes in Poland
  • 0.35 eur/km – long routes in Poland

Estimated rates in EUR (net value) for the carriage of 1 car, international routes:

  • 0.33 eur/km – route to Germany
  • 0.30 eur/km – route to Belgium
  • 0.30 eur/km – route to the Netherlands
  • 0.28 eur/km – route to France

Please contact us: or tel: +48 500 700 218